How it works?

Send a photo or drawing of the mask you want to achieve, choose the available material.
Latex: Soft and light, recommended for fantastic or very large masks.
Silicon: Material is very soft, recommended for realistic masks, which allows large movements and facial expressions.
As soon as we received your information we will send a quote to your contact.

The best way to take measure of a perfect mask to measure is to take a head life cast of the person who will wear it. If , this is not possible please send us the following measurements.
The creation of your mask comes to life! our experienced sculptors and artists replicate your subject in every detail.

The art and technique come together, it creates the mold, the matrix from which we will produce your mask in the material requested. A critical step that needs all the experience of our technicians.

Each realistic and fantastic effect of pigmentation, spots, veins and transparency of the skin are made during this phase. The Crea Fx provides realistic effects and long-lasting materials.

In the following this step is applied any type of hair or fluff, synthetic or natural. In silicone masks more realistic hair are inserted one by one with a special needle.

As soon as your mask is completed we will send you the photos showing accomplished work! In few seconds and with simple but delicate movements you can turn into whatever you want!

Types of Masks


  • Very soft material
  • Recommended for realistic subjects
  • Allows large movements and free expressions
  • Indicative production times: from 45 working days – Saturday, Sunday and holidays not included.
  • For more info fill in the form!


  • Soft and light
  • Recommended for fantastic or very large masks
  • Neck and head movements
  • Indicative production times: from 35 working days – Saturday, Sunday and holidays not included
  • For more information fill in the form!

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