Silicone Masks: Regular or Applied version?

  • Easy and fast to wear
  • You don’t need any glue
  • Reusable
  • Mouth and head movements
  • This version can’t be glued
  • Softer material for more free and natural movements
  • You can glue it on the skin to get a better facial mimic
  • Easy to apply even by yourself
  • Reusable
  • A specific adhesive is required for the application (Kit material) – Only silicone adhesives (ex: Dermatac, Telesis 8, Snappy G)
  • This model can be worn also without being glued, with less adherence

In the product page you can find the size chart with the measurements suitable for each model.
We suggest you to compare your measurements before place the order: use a tape measure to take the measurements of your head.
The measurements are indicative – Crea Fx it’s not responsible in case of damage of the product due to improperly use or excess in size.
For any doubt contact us.

Use and maintenance

Crea Fx silicone masks are easy and comfortable to wear, but it’s important follow the instructions for a correct use:

  • DO NOT wear earrings or piercing
  • Attention to long nails, rings or bracelets that can ruin the silicone
  • DO NOT pull the silicone, in particular in the thinner parts like nostrils, eyes and mouth.
  • Adjust the mask on the face with the palms of the hands, with gentle and slow movements

Use wet wipes to clean the inside of the mask and dry it with a hairdryer. Put some powder and some soft material (ex: foam rubber) to keep  your mask. Store it in a box, away from heath and light. Your mask is ready to be worn again!

If the product is worn and stored correctly following our instructions, it can be worn many times and last over time and years. Crea Fx is not responsible in case the mask is damaged due a improperly use or a improperly storage.

Testing products such as cosmetics and solvents takes time and it’s a constant development that we are working on. It’s not possible know all the brands but at the moment our tips to makeup/cleaning and maintaining the mask properly are:

– Avoid contact or use of products that contain: sulfur, latex, ammonia, oils and alcool to much aggressive.

– Use: only powder makeup (like eyeshadow, blush, cosmetic powder..) and lipstick (not permanent lipstick).
Avoid cream makeup like foundation, oily foundation, grease pencils.

– To clean the makeup we suggest to use a delicate cleansing milk.
Don’t use oily or cream makeup remover.

Crea Fx does not assume responsibility in the event of damage to the mask caused by the use of overly aggressive products. For any questions before use, contact us at info@creafx.com

To remove the cosmetic makeup, use a cleansing milk or wet wipes. Avoid oil-based removers.

Be kind: aggressive movements can ruin the painting of your mask.

We are usual to provide you all the instructions to use and store your mask properly but don’t worry, if accidentally you damaged your mask you can repair it!

For small splits or cuts you can use a specific silicone adhesive named “Sil Poxy” available also on our Online Shop:  Sil Poxy

For any doubt or technical support feel free to contact us to info@creafx.com sending us a picture of the damaged area and your Order number.


For some models you’ll find different options of skin tones. Otherwise, you can ask a customized skin tone or make-up, sending an e-mail to info@creafx.com with some pictures reference and your contacts. The customization will have an additional cost.

For our male silicone masks we propose some different hairstyling and beard. If you prefer a customized look, send us an e-mail to info@creafx.com, sending us some pictures reference and your contacts. We will send you a quote!

We produce also customized silicone mask, starting from your head measurements or lifecast. We will agree all details to create the best mask for you. Visit our page “Custom Masks” and fill in the form to send us your request! We will send you a quote.

Orders and shipments

Directly on our online Shop! Choose your favorite model and pay by Credit Card, Paypal or Bank transfer. For payments by bank trasnfer we need the copy of bank receipt by e-mail. The production will start only after the payment confirmation.

If you want to change the model or you want to add something to your mask, send us an e-mail, we will help you to modify the order if possible. Due production reasons, you can cancel your order and get a refund, only sending us an e-mail within 48h from the order. If you have paid with Credit Card or PayPal, the refund will be processed excluding administrative costs and fees (3,5%).

Due hygiene reasons, returns are not accepted. If you have any doubt about the product or measurements contact us! Our customers service is available to help you.

Each mask is handmade from our craftsmen. To guarantee the best quality we need about 5-6 weeks (saturday, sunday and holidays not included) from the confirm of order, plus delivery time. When the mask is ready we’re usual to send a picture and all details about shipment by e-mail.

Note: Due Covid-19 situation, times of production can be slowed as indicated on the the products page.

Countries in the EU: GLS courier – delivery in 2-5 working days – You’ll receive your tracking number directly by e-mail.

Worldwide/No-EU : DHL courier – delivery in 2-7 days – You’ll receive your tracking number directly by e-mail.

Attention: shipments to PO BOX  or to Parcel Center of other shipping companies are not accepted. We please you to choose a private or company address.

For Russian customers: Please choose a company address. DHL don’t deliver to private address in Russia.

Delivery times are indicative: Crea Fx is not responsible for any delays caused by customs controlls or logistical problems by the courier.

If you have any problem with the shipment feel free to contact us to info@creafx.com we will help you!

Customers from Non-UE countries don’t  need to pay the Italian VAT of 22%. The taxes and customs clearance will be calculated according  the regulations of the country of destination.

On waybill documents we declare the value of the items. Customers are responsible for any customs duty. Crea Fx don’t cover any duty or fee charged by local customs. For more information contact us.

Important: write a correct phone number in the order. The shipping company can contact you for the clearance costs to deliver your package.

Do you have any doubt or further questions? Contact us!





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