Special Effects- Gelatin Prosthetic – 28-29 September

 400,00 VAT excluded

A full immersion in the fantastic world of Special Effects Make-up, to learn the techniques and materials to create and apply gelatin prosthetics. This course is suitable also for who already participated to the 1 level or already have skills in the basic prosthetics.

  • When: September 28-29, 2024
  • Where: Scandicci (FI) – Italy
  • Number of participants: 5
  • Cost: € 400.00 + VAT / materials included
  • Note: All materials are provided by Crea Fx. At the end of the course a certificate of participation is issued.
  • Registration deadline: 22th September or once reaching the maximum number of participants
If, due to the unavailability of the participant, attendance at the course will be canceled by Thursday 25/09/2024 80% of the amount paid will be returned, withholding the costs of the previously purchased materials kit. If due to unavailability of the organizers or due Covid-19 restrictions in Italy, the course will have to change of dates or cancellation, the amount paid by you will be totally refunded via b / b your favor and any communication of cancellation or change of dates will be provided to your email address no later than the day Thursday 25/09/2024. Crea Fx does not assume responsibility for non-refundable costs such as travel / accommodation reservations.

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